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Quickstart - For Managed Deployment


This page covers how to get started with Scurid Platform with for Managed deployment.

Need help with managed instance configuration details ?

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Scurid platform consists of three main components :

  1. Scurid Edge Agent and MicroScurid-C SDK
  2. Scurid Server
  3. Desktop App (mobile app coming soon)


Navigate to Getting Started to download the latest version of Scurid software components.

Service Agreement

By downloading Scurid Software you agree to the Service Agreement

Download Scurid Edge Agent

There are builds available for a variety of hardware and OS platforms. Download the appropriate build for your platform. Please check the download page for the latest supported platforms.

Download Scurid App

There are builds available for linux, macos and windows platforms. Download the appropriate build for your platform.

Step 2 : Launching Scurid App

This step sets up your account and other related configurations that are needed in order to complete the user on-boarding process.

  1. Launch the Scurid App Launch
  2. Select Create a new instance, fill in your valid email address and accept the terms of service to Sign up Create new instance
  3. Above step will email you with a code to verify your email
  4. On the next screen pick the best pricing plan that suits your need. Scurid offers a free plan for non production use.
  5. Select Managed from the dropdown and fill in the required server address and port information received from Scurid Server Configuration
  6. Select User type and click next User Type
  7. Select your country country
  8. Enter your name and click next name
  9. Enter the code sent on your email, and continue code
  10. Create a 13 character long master passphrase, and click next passphrase
  11. We offer built in support for CockroachDB's Managed Serverless (perfect for PoCs and starter projects) or connect your own CockroachDB instance, or you can skip this step and configure it later. cockroachdb

That's it. You are now ready to start deploying agents and start creating new identities using them.

Step 3 : Deploying Scurid Edge Agent on your IoT hardware

Agent is a single binary, which can be easily configured to run as a service, on desired platform. It is a fully self-contained binary requiring no additional elements.

If you are downloading the agent for the first time on linux or related platform you may need to make the binary executable using

Example :

sudo chmod +x scuridedgeagent-linux-arm7 

Execute the binary, ensure that the terminal is not closed if the agent is not configured to run as a service.

Example :

./scuridedgeagent-linux-xxx -spaaddr<port> -syncrate 30s