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Cryptography terms

Terms Description
Hashing Process of generating fixed length output using variable length input dataset.

Distributed Identity terms

Terms Description
DID Web3.0 enabled digital identity framework. Learn more

API terms

Terms Description
gRPC a Modern open source high performance remote procedure call supporting any environment. Learn more.
Protocol Buffers A language neutral, platform, neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data in a forward-compatible and backward-compatible way.
nanoPB Nanopb is a small code-size Protocol Buffers implementation in ansi C. It is especially suitable for use in microcontrollers, but fits any memory restricted system. Learn more

Scurid terms

Terms Description
Scurid Edge Agent It's an embeddable autonomous agent to offer automatic identity generation, its data security. Putting its users in full control of the digital identity which is owned and controlled by the device. Contrary to SDKs, it offers high performing, multi programming language support APIs.
Scurid Backend or Server It's a server application designed to be deployed On-premise or offered as a service.
Scurid App A simplified yet powerful identity management dashboard for identities and the Scurid Edge Agens agents deployed in your network
Scurid Managed Backend It's the Scurid backend deployed and managed for you in the cloud by Scurid.
MicroScurid-C C SDK library for microcontrollers