Deployment Options

Scurid Inc offers two ways to deploy Scurid Server - Dedicated Managed Service and On-Premise deployment. To help you choose which option is best for you, we have listed the key differences between the two options below.

Dedicated Managed Scurid Server Scurid Server On-Premise
Scurid Server is hosted by Scurid in a dedicated cloud environment for you. To get your instance today, create a request here. Scurid Server is hosted on your own infrastructure by you.
Reduces your need to manage, scale and upgrade your instance and let's you focus on developing your products and services Enables full control on infrastructure deployment of Scurid platform.
Devices running Scurid edge components like Edge Agent and MicroScurid-C SDK will, connect to Scurid Server running in the managed environment. Devices running Scurid's edge components will connect to the server(s) running in your infrastructure


Each Scurid Server instance is a single-tenant instance. This means that your instance is dedicated to you and your organization. Your data is not shared with any other organization.