Getting Started


Our aim is to get you, as a developer, started as quickly as possible with Scurid stack to provide solid distributed device identity as plug and play while giving you opportunity to focus on business logic for your IoT edge software.

Thus edge agent is developed keeping that philosophy in mind, however working with Scurid API requires some basic understanding of gRPC especially how to create a client, and invoking rpcs using that client.

You can get an official tutorial for all supported languages here


Download the Scurid Edge Agent for your platform, builds are provided for

  • Linux & debian ARM 5,6,7
  • Linux, MacOS, Windows x86/64

Starting Scurid Edge Agent

Provided binary is a self-contained executable, therefore running it is as simple as executing the binary file


Runtime tags

Scurid edge agent accepts the following tags for the launch time configuration

–storage defines the storage area for the Scurid Edge Agent

–port defines the port that will be used by Scurid Edge Agent

Post a successful launch, the agent will automatically setup and maintain its required artifacts including a wallet for the private keys on the device itself.